Jewish Holiday Origami

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Jewish Holiday Origami contains original origami designs for the Jewish holidays. This book was recognized internationally with an Award of Excellence by the Society for Technical Communication. (Published in 2006 by Dover Publications)

These are some of the 24 models in the book. Click the images below to view large:

Read an interview with the Los Angeles Jewish Journal, where Joel Stern discuss what Jewish sources—ideas, writings, traditions—inspire him, and how they show up in his work.

“While simple to fold, the models are very clever…”
–Gilad Aharoni
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“…there’s no shortage of tiny Jewish kids on my radar, and they were at first curious, then amazed, then delighted to shred, stomp, hide and otherwise enjoy their paper treasures.”
Amy Guth,
author of Three Fallen Women
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“…attractive and remarkably true to the events and beliefs they symbolize.”
–Children’s Literature Independent Information and Reviews

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“…easy-to-follow diagrams and instructions that will transform a square piece of paper into such symbols as a shofar, Kiddush cup, Sabbath table, Miriam with her timbrel, even the Four Sons in the Passover Haggadah.”
Jewish Woman International Magazine

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“All designs have been thought through and indicate a creator who understands the idea of sequencing.”
–Nick Robinson, British Origami Society

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“…this book contains a lot about Jewish holidays and the events that brought them to be. The origami itself is fine, but the ability to connect the origami with the religion is this book’s strong point.”
–Diana Lee, Origami Resource Center

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