“Paper pieces for peace”
May 15, 2008, The Jewish Journal, by Jay Firestone
(Joel Stern participated in this workshop in Pasadena with Muslim, Christian, and Jewish kids. The event was covered in the LA Jewish Journal.)
An ancient Japanese legend holds that anyone who folds 1,000 origami cranes will be granted a wish. If three L.A.-area day schools were to get one, it might be for peace and understanding. Read full article

“Israeli origami lover transforms paper-folding into education”
January 21, 2007, ISRAEL21c Innovation News Service, by Sima Borkovski
To help publicize the work of Israeli origami educator Miri Golan, Joel introduced her to members of the Los Angeles Jewish community. Golan uses origami to build bridges between Jewish and Muslim children in Israel and has developed innovations in the use of origami in math education. Read full article

“40 Awesome Books for the Arts & Crafts Mind
Web Design Schools Guide
Lest you forget that Christmas isn’t the only game in town, this paper craft guide to Jewish origami shapes will help you make enjoyable decorations for all holiday occasions. Read full article

“Origami Pyramid Craft”
Joel was invited to submit his “Pyramid” from Jewish Holiday Origami on the site Free Kids
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“Origami Spinner”
Joel’s diagrams for his “Spinner” (from Origami Games) are featured on the Make web site.
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